Faithful Witness

We need capacity
Huge capacity
Heart capacity

To trade control for mystery
In the face of collapse

Knowing our biases, re-activities, and escape hatches
While anxiety and hopelessness colonize around us

Acknowledging our past transgressions, reaching past regrets, to the freedom of truth
While blame and shame are weaponized

Being present and clear eyed, regardless of failing outcomes
While society grasps at any salvation and conducts business as usual

Realizing that marketing tragic horror and false hope is big business
And society is buying


Let global change spark inner change
Sourced from, and connected to, Pachamama, cosmos, and life

Knowing our aliveness is in our increasing sensitivity
Letting our love grow and show; despite our depth of grief

Being willing to know suffering
While making meaning, and doing our impeccable best

Living from conscience, not from desire

Endings are hard

Faithful witnesses are scarce