The thread of supremacy is woven throughout human history. The focus on individualism, competition, and scarcity. The opposite, and rejection of, our deep connection to each other and to Pachamama. 

Family – maintain values, traditions; keep up with the “Jones”
Tribe – support and defend the tribe / community
Team – pride, competition, allegiance 
Country – pride, defend the country / flag; gain territory / resources
Gender – superiority, domination / privilege, misogyny, rape
Sexual orientation – bigotry
Age – youth culture; child labour, child soldiers
Religion – one true god; conversion, doctrine of discovery
Intellectual superiority – narrowly defined via IQ; science in service to, and support of, beliefs
Racial superiority – privilege, slavery, Jim Crow, White Australia, Apartheid, white supremacy
Cultural superiority – genocide of indigenous people, ethnic cleansing
Military superiority – war over territory, resources, religion, race, beliefs
Wealth / financial superiority – privilege, control of resources, control of law and politics

Human supremacy – consume, exploit, compete, pollute and destroy nature to support humans at the expense of all other species / life forms; Ecocide

Nothing is sacred
No higher ethics
Law is manipulated
Conscience is rationalized
AI is an accelerant

We are so easily trapped in separation, differencing, othering, and potentially self-destruction. It is time to change our way of being – perhaps symbolized by a deep willingness to kneel in reverence and gratitude to the natural world, and to obey her laws, most of which we don’t understand.

Be connection – to the sacred, divine, Pachamama and each other