We long for community
Spiritual Community – of many names: sangha, allyu, congregation

Seeking trust as our foundation — together we are harmonious, respectful, and supportive

We welcome teaching and ceremony – for growth, change, even transformation
We work to engage the teachings
Not a smooth ride – but deep work is the way — into blocks, issues and wounds

And being human – often our worst traits surface – and the possibilities for outbursts, misunderstandings, and conflict arise
And the community cracks — and mistrust and confusion, in all its various guises, emerge
People retreat

All communities crack – it’s part of how they grow and change – and just like us they can be restored / reconciled and emerge stronger and ready for the next crack.

However we are tempted to pretend the crack isn’t there – we pour in more teachings – but they can’t be held and just run out

Do we have the courage to put the teachings into action within the community — courage that is power manifest, the true center of the wheel
Courage to enter the fire that will burn away the dross

Truth and Reconciliation are called for
Truth is a goddess, her name is Justice, she is very demanding that we are authentic and speak
Reconciliation calls us to deeper compassion (self and other) and forgiveness

Courage – heart in action, divine action


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