These are the days of trauma and shadow
The days of runaway fire and raging water
Extremes of climate, culture, and craziness

We have worked on the symptoms – personal and global
With drugs and technology, practices and workshops
Given it our best shot while ignoring the true causes

But now our inner worlds are bursting into flame
Water has worn through the inner dikes of our psyche
Our shadow is unmasked and won’t be re-masked in the name of Covid or Carbon

The symptoms in our bodies and the world will only intensify
The capitalistic beliefs we worship guarantee it
While we have self-important pissing matches about what to “do”

We stand with our past streaming out around us, entangled in our own wake
Not realizing that all there is in front of us is more distorted projection
Stark momentum carries us forward, down the tunnel

Trauma and shadow have accumulated down the generations and now they are ours 
Personal, inherited, cultural, collective – they all stalk our nights
Despite our longing for the delusional myth of the good old days

We are so disconnected that we talk about transcending fear
When fear of our real and present danger is exactly what our authentic biology is pointing to
Time for danger consciousness

Are we willing to go down to our inner depths
And encounter the trauma and shadow we have so carefully, and self protectively disowned
Acknowledge them, sit with them, feel them deeply

And ride the waves of pent-up pain and suffering toward a detoxified, integrated presence
It’s a rough ride by any measure – strewn with failure and try again, and again
No wonder we would rather stay numb, split, be hyper busy or engage in spiritual bypassing

Only when we change who we are, at the root of our being
Only when we bring our traumatized and shadow soul parts into our loving hearts
Can anything change, including our spiritual awakening

Meditation and other practices set the stage
Determined compadres provide inspiration through shared experience
Ancestors, spirit guides, and Pachamama assist energetically

Trust the infinite capacity of heart


Note: see Danger Consciousness