Our culture tells us we are individuals
Separate from each other, and separate from Pachamama
In full control of who we are and our connections

From this premise, we live our lives
And when we are confused, disoriented or feeling strong emotions, we are taught to ground ourselves
To put down “roots” into Pachamama, so we can be “stabilized”
Never asking permission
Just assuming it’s our right to ground – as and when we please

But we have it all backwards
We are Pachamama – enthralled in her web of life
The flow is from Pachamama to / through us
It’s like a web of water, of flowing lifeforce, not just us imagining roots
When we unblock the flow we can feel it rising through our bodies and our chakras
Regulated through our collaboration with Pachamama
We can let it fountain out of our hearts and crown

It takes a lot of energy to block this flow – to be separate – to be disconnected – cut off
No wonder this myth of the lone, separate, individual is so exhausting

Let the energy of creation, that is the source of all life, rise up through you
Feel the fountain of flow from Pachamama


Note: For additional information see “Pachamama Defined”, “Pachamama” and “Separation”