We are constantly receiving messages.
Life is a series of initiations with associated synchronicities, projections, mirrors, and messages available to assist us on our radical journey of awakening to authenticity.

Messages may appear as events, images, symbols, words, music, feelings or sensations, presented through:
Dreams and visions
People (often strangers) saying or doing something
Illness and accidents
Voices and visitations by spirits
Body or energy field disruptions
Memories that keep recurring
Past life awareness

To receive messages we need to quieten our minds from endless chatter, from fretting over day-to-day events that take us further away from authenticity, but we need our minds to be aware and receptive, rather than blissed out.

Messages often appear as seemingly disjointed fragments. Our way of making sense of these is to create a story.
To see the whole script we must be open minded beyond belief, curious in the extreme and work skilfully to fill in the blanks. Often the blanks are things we would rather not acknowledge.
It is important to not get hung up verifying the entire story but rather focus on the key messages contained in the story and what they mean in terms of guidance and direction for us. Then we can give these next steps of our personal work our full attention and action.

The key messages of a story are revealed in the intensity of our emotional, physical or energetic response.
The bigger our reaction, often in rejecting something, the more significant is that part of the message.

We want messages that confirm us; support who we are and what we are doing; and tell us all is well.
And sometimes this is exactly what we get – encouragement that we are on the right track, and to continue.

We want messages to support our healing and transformation, but often only on our terms, usually for our symptoms.
Not messages that threaten our personas and the lives we have built. That show us that all is not well and the healing required involves radical work on the underlying causes that are locked within our psyches.

Ironically we have wonderful prescience for messages – we can often sense that a message is coming.
And we have wonderfully sophisticated defenses to dismiss the messages or avoid their delivery.

We play a variety of games when we receive messages:
Where is this coming from?” – shifting focus to evaluating the messenger.
“Is it real or just my imagination?”– engaging ‘rational’ criteria to judge things that are inherently beyond rationality.
I’m just tired, stressed” – explaining away the message – not wanting to acknowledge that when we are tired, our defenses are reduced and spirit has an opening.
Prove it” – setting up impossible criteria for spirit to confirm the message and convince us of its importance.
Smorgasbord” – thinking we have the discernment to pick and choose messages, and not recognizing our bias to choose messages that don’t rock our boat.
Control” – we want to be in control of all aspects of our lives and in our culture we pretty much want to control everything. For example; we want to control our dreams via lucid dreaming; and control our spiritual work to exclude anything that might disturb our peace.

We are more likely to play these games with more challenging messages from more “unbelievable” sources.

When a message does break through into our consciousness and we recognize how trauma, addiction, guilt, stress, or fear, etc. are dominating our lives we can choose to engage in deep, difficult, life-changing work.
Or we can choose to be wilfully blind and carry on with life as we know it.

Once we are committed to awakening to authenticity we can work with our messengers to sort out how we can most effectively receive their messages. And when we sense an important message arriving we can allocate time and space to work with it.

A useful mindset to adopt is:
We are connected consciousness across time and space.
Messages are expressions of deeper consciousness’s caring for us and desire to assist us. And sometimes consciousness will resort to extreme measures to deliver a message and hope we get it.
Be curious, and in expectant anticipation and gratitude regarding messages and their meaning.

Spiritual awakening to authenticity is the work of the transformation of our psyches and our lives, and the evolution of consciousness.
From this commitment, our greatest desire is that we will be meaningfully different tomorrow than we are today.