The inner tides of these times of chaos

Revised – Dec. 26, 2010

We live in times of remarkable change, chaos and opportunity. Many of us are feeling the “pressure” of the energetic shifts, that seem to be impulsed from the cosmos, and are occurring in the world and within. This writing presents some notions on the energies that are impacting us from the perspective of the moon cycles. “Working with the inner tides” presents some reflections on how we can seize the opportunity to advance in our personal and spiritual work.

Here is my take on the current cycles of full and new moons – more metaphor than science.

The moon is effectively a “lens” for both cosmic and solar energies. I think about it this way.

Full moon

The reflected energy of the sun is at maximum during the full moon. So we have solar and central solar (the central solar energies come “through” our sun) energy “moon-beamed” to us with great intensity. As well as being reflected, these energies are aligned (think of the moon acting as a focusing “dish”) in a way that the normal sun energy isn’t. So in itself this creates a great intensity of energy – especially the focused central solar energy, which we can think of as pure manifestation energy.

And, the moon also “transmits” energy from the deep void. The inherent “darkness” of the moon (without solar reflection) is a transmitter of deep void energy. We can think of this energy as pure creation energy.

New moon

The lack of any solar energy during the “darkness” of the new moon creates an opportunity for the focusing of the deep void energy in a way that is particularly penetrating. We can think about it as the pure energy of creation re-awakening the essence within us. Without the solar and central solar influence this is particularly potent, since it influences us in our essential nature.

So the energy of the new and full moons carry the inherent “blueprint” of the “ether” (potential) of our being. This energy arising from deep cosmic sources can be considered the “evolutionary” force that is impulsing creation. New moon = primordial /creation, and full moon = manifest. The interplay of these energies also rekindle the link to who we are in other dimensions / places / lifetimes.

Since we are all created from the deep void, and by the fire of a sun (made from “star-stuff”) these energies have the capacity to “jolt” us at the deepest levels. The jolt seems to come through resonance in our “central channel” – the core of our being.

The moon cycle works within us similar to the way it works with the tides on the planet.

The new moon primarily creates an inner “low tide” where all of who we have been, and are, is “exposed” and open for inspection. This energy also has a “burrowing” quality to it, and thus it digs deeper and deeper into all the aspects of our “selves”, especially into shadow aspects.

The full moon primarily creates an inner “high tide” where we experience “inundation” by all our “stuff”. This energy also has a magnetic or “pulling” quality that seems to pull what needs to be resolved to the surface of our consciousness, or if that is too subtle, into manifest reality – right in our faces.


Over the last 2 moon cycles (Dec. 2010) I have noticed additional energetic qualities. The full moon and planets, particularly Venus and Jupiter, appear brighter and their energy more intense. This is partly due to the atmosphere being clearer of “smog” in winter (northern hemisphere), and the stratosphere being relatively free (historically speaking) of volcanic aerosols and thus also clear. However I believe there are two other factors involved as well. It appears that the earth has created an alignment of her energy field in a way that “conducts” incoming energy more directly to, and into earth. Thus we experience the added brightness and intensity of the moon and planets as the energy is “ducted” to the earth. Additionally there appears to be a broader set of frequencies that are “hitchhiking” on the moonbeams and “planet-beams”. These energies have a deeper cosmic quality to them. Thus the energy tides are intensifying.

These tides bring up many, and perhaps over time, all, “unresolved” life issues / experiences. It seems that anything within us where our self image is at odds with our essence will be called into “question” and inner tension will be created. This is great, since the energetic basis for complete resolution is inherent within the energies themselves – the essence blueprint mentioned earlier. However our attachment to our self image, identities, desires, beliefs and our “stance in life” is often at odds with the blueprint.

The trick seems to be to work with the tides (which will endlessly take us through cycles of our stuff) and move beyond the “rehashing” of memories, wounds, shadow, flashes and experiences into something that is transformative. See article “Working with the inner tides”.


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