Time of New Shoots

New roots drawing directly from Pachamama
Fuelling the growth of new shoots

Shoots of authenticity
Of new identity

No longer following the old instructions
Moving out from the shadow of small, comfortable, and fearful 

Soft and powerful
Raw chi
Pushing up


So tempting to protect, and the protection then constrains

What if this newness is vaster than I imagine
Who will I be
More soulful
More purposeful
More radical
What if my life is disrupted
Will I like me
Will my friends like me

Who am I in the mean time, while these shoots are growing
It is so hard to be in between

And the power of this greenness is overwhelming
Can I handle it flowing through me

Who we are becomes the mulch
No guarantees
No bargaining

This profound creation
From the depth of your psyche

Humbly listen and learn the language of the shoots

LIFE emerging