Time of Rain

When the rains come
The earth is cleansed and renewed

When our tears flow freely 
We are released and renewed

We are in the age of grief
A time of inconsolable environmental tragedy
Our way of living the cause
The trees, the land, the oceans
All raped

And from the same hands, so many suffer
Human tragedies abound
Each of us facing our own inner crises 

But we hold back the cleansing rains
Wilfully or delusionally swallowing our tears
Fearing that if we acknowledge our heartbreak
The tears will never stop
But tears and rain have their own rhythm and cycle

Pent up grief accumulates and is toxic
It drowns our resourcefulness, creativity and inner fire
It stagnantly pools inside us

Life no longer flows 

We have so much to release
Time to let the tears flow, unburden your heart
And set you free